Interested in entering our NEW club leagues? We’ll shortly be starting club box leagues that will run over the rest of the summer for both mixed and mens doubles.

For this year all names will go into a hat and we’ll pick the pairings at random – that way we are sure to integrate our newer members. Each match will be best of three sets, normals rules, tie break at 6:6 in every set. The winners are awarded three points, the losers get no points if they don’t win a set, but will earn a point if they do win a set. If either of the leagues have too many entrants then we’ll split them into two separate “boxes”. Dates for matches will be organised between the members so it’s completely flexible and matches can be played any time. They just all need to be completed within a time frame, probably end September, so no pressure.

For further information or to get your name down, please email – last date for entrants is 14th July.

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