Wimbledon Ballot Results

The Wimbledon tickets ballot was carried out at 7pm yesterday evening under the scrutiny of our esteemed club secretary. (That’s me).  All eligible members names were printed, folded 3 times, and placed into the nominated ballot receptacle (my hat).  Names were then drawn out of the hat, one at a time, and the order was recorded.  The choice of remaining available tickets was then offered to members in the order in which they were drawn from the hat.

This year the three pairs of tickets have been claimed by:

  1. Jonathan Shapland
  2. Eddie Green
  3. John Grimley

Special thanks to my nominated drawmaster: Lydia Meek (aged 9), and the ballot witnesses: James Wheatley (aged 15) and Annette Meek (aged XXX).


AGM 2017

Our AGM will be held this coming Tuesday 9th May 2017 at the Pewit Golf Pavilion, 8pm. All members welcome to attend. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please get in touch with Mark (Club Secretary) via our Contact Us page.